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Week without "blue"

Thus begins ten days of experimentation...

WTH I might as well do something with it.

Does absence really make the heart grow fonder?

We shall see.

All I know for now is that driving back from Indy I didn't feel the same.

"Heres to a occupied week!"
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blue hair


"Taste of Bloomington"

Slightly bitter.
A little sour.
With a hint of rainy wash out.
(Willow): "It's almost as if they tried to cram too many tastes into one bottle."

So the taste was a little disappointing. We went down around 3 to find the heat so unbearable that we both nearly came down with heat stroke. Then returned around nine to discover that the event was rather bottle necked.
I just don't enjoy being rammed into by every third idiot who has paid the $4 charge for a half full glass of wine or beer WAY TOO MANY TIMES! Truly the best part of the event was when the storm rolled in and made every body run.
Willow and I took a wet leisurely stroll through rain of course.:)

I am happy to be back on the e-space after a grueling summer session.

Planning to have a gathering at my place sometime in July. See you all there!

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blue hair

(no subject)

Spent last night pouring over with Willow and my roomie Darrel.

The Benny Benassi video for "SATISFACTION" if wrought with soft-core images of women with industrial power tools.

Also viewed: Some Sigur Ros / Jay Jay Johanson "Automatic Lover" / Aphex Twin / Several others whose names escape me at the moment.

Ahem! If you have not yet viewed the "Rejected" collection, you NEED to see it!

Darrel also provided us with some videos of cool, mostly pointless, homemade machines. Very interesting and intricate artwork.

Have started reading "Battle Pope."

Am finishing "Down and Out In The Magic Kingdom."

Still reeling from "American Gods."

This month is starting off well, beautiful weather, beautiful people, some new friends, and some appreciated closure.

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"Doing my part to piss of the Religious Right!"

Saturday Afternoon: Re-creating the crucifix masturbation sequence from "The Exorcist" with my buddy Zed in the basement of a mutual friends pawn shop.

Saturday Evening: Visiting with the Jewish A.D.D. kids currently enrolled in concentration camp.

Sun Morning: Getting on my knees to receive the body of Christ and a mouth full of Jesus juice in never land, with my good friend Mike.

Sun Afternoon: Splicing single frames of zombie nun pornography into the slide presentation for a religious ethics class.

Sun Evening: Printing up a new bumper sticker which reads "Jesus Lives! GO GET AN AXE!!!"

Next Week: Still open for suggestions.

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blue hair

"American Gods"

Just finished reading this book by Neil Gaiman.

I found it to be full of mythological-ly relevant anecdotes about the ever changing world of today.

Gaiman tackles the deifying of technology head on, and draws many comparisons between our needful lust for innovation, and the importance which the deities of old played in society.

This is the type of story which leaves you feeling more complete about being yourself.

If you have not already read it, I truly hope that you pick it up one day.

Here are a few quotes to tickle your circuits:

"Okay, so I guess you're here to offer me the freedom of the Internet if I come over to your side of the fence. Right?" The fat kid was shivering. "No. You're already dead meat," he said. "You-you're a fucking illuminated Gothic black-letter manuscript. You couldn't be hypertext if you tried. I'm...I'm synaptic, while, while you're synoptic..." (pg 345)

"I think I would rather be a man than a god. We don't need anyone to believe in us. We just keep going anyhow. It's what we do." (pg 421)

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